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Privacy Policy - Fernbank Advertising

Privacy Policy


PRIVACY POLICY – Fernbank Advertising Ltd

  1. Introduction

Here at Fernbank Advertising Ltd. We are taking a strong stand with Data Protection. We do not use your details supplied in a means of harvesting, all communication is direct with each individual. We do not collect cookies on our website. We do not share any information with individuals whom are not employees of Fernbank Advertising Ltd.

For instance your regular contact may be on leave and you will be contacted by a different member of office staff.

We do not store data any longer than necessary. We do not have large mailing lists to improve security against online threats.

  1. Identity and Contact Details of Controller

Fernbank Advertising Ltd. Is a controller of limited amounts of personal information; individual names, email addresses, phone numbers, invoice addresses and company details.

  1. What Personal Data do we request?


  • Your name, postal address, email address (which may reveal your IP address), phone number, occupation and other contact information.
  • Where you heard about us; this may include a location you are referring to.
  • Details of complaints; this may be of damages to our units or any maintenance/cleanliness issues.
  • Information on our enquiry form will be submitted freely, you do not need to fill this in – however, it will help us to deal with your query. g. locations you request prices or details of specific areas.
  • If we are required to pay you as a supplier, we will request Bank Details for direct payment. This is protected by multiple layers of Bank Security, followed by removal after payment. We do not keep any bank details on file at Fernbank Advertising Ltd.
  • Upon submitting an enquiry online, we will be informed of your IP Address along with time and date you submit the enquiry. This is purely to know it has come from an individual rather than robot or online program.
  1. How it may affect you, and how do we collect this data?


  • Meeting at a business show; if you provide your business card, email address or contact phone number, we will contact you in due course as per your original enquiry. g. an enquiry over advertising in Truro, we will email you over this location with associated costs, request budgets. If it carries through to a booking, we will request invoice details – this may include a company address and a secondary email if you request we send it on past you (the individual of initial enquiry).
  • Enquiry over the website; you will be required to enter your name, email address and explain a bit about what you’re enquiring for. We will only keep your details kept for direct contact, these are NEVER sold on or shared to other advertising companies or media agencies.
  • Enquiry over the phone; we will request your name, telephone number, where you are calling in regards to, if we can send you details upon your enquiry direct to your email which you supply – if this is not supplied then we have no means of contacting you.
  • Members of the public around Bus Shelters may see ground staff taking photographs, these are proofs of posting – sent directly to clients as proofs. These are not publicised on social media if there are individuals within the pictures, if there are issues – please let the ground staff know or contact the office on any of the methods below.


Once any of the information is supplied to us from any individual with a query, we take that you have supplied any data on a legitimate interest for advertising and will only use this data regarding your specific needs and requests. This may also be the other way, where we look to contact you based on interest in advertising through other means; such as – magazine adverts, radio or online advertising.

We do not ask for any “Sensitive Personal Data”. This means Personal Data which may relate to: race or ethnic origin; political opinions; religious or other similar beliefs; trade union membership; physical or mental health; sexual life or criminal record. If this is ever provided to us at Fernbank Advertising Ltd. then we will ensure that it is only used in the manner which you have requested – with direct relation to your query.

  1. How to contact Fernbank Advertising Ltd.

If you have any questions about this privacy notice, or would like to exercise any of your rights, please email us at  or write to us with your letter addressed to: Managing Director, Fernbank House, 4 Ridgegrove Hill, Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 8BT. Alternatively, please call 01566 779653 and we can do our best to get to the bottom of your query.

  1. Your Rights.

Under the European General Data Protection Regulations 2016, you have rights over your Personal Data in certain circumstances. Those rights may include for example the right to request we amend or delete your Personal Data; the right to withdraw consent; the right to know the purposes for which your Personal Data is being processed and the recipients to whom your Personal Data may be disclosed (subject to legal and regulatory requirements). If you do not agree to your Personal Data being used in accordance with this Notice please do not submit your Personal Data to us through the Platform or any other means.

  1. Changes to this privacy policy

We will keep this policy regularly updated, please check back from time to time in case of changes.